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Published by Subterranean Press
November, 2009

Available from Subterranean or Amazon.

Collected Stories

The definitive collection of my short fiction, with an introduction by Karen Joy Fowler and extensive Author's Notes. The book contains 41 stories:

Perfidia • Stuff of Dreams • The War at Home • Straws • Nine Hard Questions about the Nature of the Universe • White City • Primes • The Long Ride Out • Sitcom • The Death of Che Guevara • His Girlfriend’s Dog • Deep Without Pity • The Circle • Twilight Time • Jeff Beck • Wild for You • Till Human Voices Wake Us • Flagstaff • Tommy and the Talking Dog • Oz • Love in Vain • Steam Engine Time • Kings of the Afternoon • Sticks • The Tale of Mark the Bunny • The Killing Season • Scales • Snowbirds • Match • Relay • Castles Made of Sand • Prodigal Son • Mozart in Mirrorshades (with Bruce Sterling) • Kidding Around • Mystery Train • Secrets • Golfing Vietnam • Stompin’ at the Savoy • Gold • Dirty Work • Lizard Men of Los Angeles


Listen to an interview on North Carolina Public Radio's The State of Things.


Check out a YouTube video of my reading at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham. It's a bit over the ten minute limit, so you'll need to watch part 2 to see the whole thing.

Quotes and Reviews

"These 41 powerful stories cover Shiner’s career across three decades and multiple genres, showcasing hard-edged, often political genre fiction at its finest. The oft-reprinted 'The War at Home,' 'The Circle' and 'Till Human Voices Wake Us' remain worth reading, but the less familiar tales really make this collection stand out. The best include the Brady Bunch-tweaking 'Sitcom,' deft alternate history 'The Death of Che Guevara' (original to this volume) and creepy horror story 'Love in Vain.' Several short-shorts, a trio of early mysteries, a Western and some mainstream stories showcase Shiner’s versatility. Perhaps the best tales have only a hint of the supernatural, like the opening tale, 'Perfidia,' a look at the 'real' death of Glenn Miller in light of post-9/11 politics. Shiner never fails to astound, and this collection highlights everything that makes him one of today’s best storytellers."

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


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