Dark Tangos cover

Subterranean Press limited edition, August 2011
Subterranean Press trade paperback, August 2013

Dark Tangos

Definitive edition trade paperback and ebook available from:

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Here's an HTML preview of the opening pages. The complete novel is available as a free PDF download on the Fiction Liberation Front site.


Listen to an interview on North Carolina Public Radio's The State of Things.

Quotes and Reviews

"Dark Tangos is one hell of a book. I couldn't believe how deftly Shiner mixed a novel of dance and romance with arrow-swift action and vivid characterization. The man's a wizard, and the result of his wizardry is this wonderful, dark, engaging, and surprising novel."

—Joe R. Lansdale

"Delivers its grim story line with artistic mastery....Short and precise, the novel uses the elegance of tango to radiate sensuality throughout. This is an absorbing and surprisingly action-packed tale based in the ugly truths of Argentinaís history."

Booklist (starred review)

"Shiner plunges into the dark recent history of Argentina in this thriller that tells a gentle love story against a backdrop of sheer terror....Shiner gracefully and efficiently tells his moving tale within a tight frame."

Publishers Weekly

"In the tradition of Graham Greene, Shiner has written not only a great entertainment, but a meditation on the true meaning of justice."

Durham Herald-Sun

"An intellectually powerful and socially interesting commentary on what happened in Argentina....What makes this a good example of the [political thriller] genre is that it does include the detail of the politics. Unlike many other authors who prefer more superficial plots with guns blazing and bombs exploding to keep us interested, this is a thinking personís thriller with attitude. Itís well worth reading."

—David Marshall, Thinking About Books

"A frank and direct look at the horrific underpinnings of the Argentinian people's complaint against their former government, and Shiner's precise and unmannered description, much like his description of the tango, is more illuminating than more stylized prose....it is a pleasure to follow the final twists along the way."

—Forrest Norman, Independent Weekly


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