Frontera cover

Published by Baen Books (Simon & Schuster), July 1984
Reprinted by Subterranean, August 2010

Finalist 1984 Nebula Award for Best Novel
Finalist 1984 Philip K. Dick Award for Best Paperback Original


Definitive edition trade paperback and ebook available from:

Or you can order the paperback from your local independent bookstore.

Here's a preview of the first chapter.

The complete novel is available as a free PDF download on the Fiction Liberation Front site.

Quotes and Reviews

"Frontera is hard-edged and colorful and relentless, and altogether a compelling read. Shiner paints his picture of the day after tomorrow with a gritty realism that makes you believe every minute of it."

—George R. R. Martin

"Extraordinarilly accomplished first novel...his pacing is brisk, his scientific extrapolation well-informed, and his characterization nothing short of outstanding...This is 'realism' of a sort seldom found in commercial or literary fiction; to find it in a first novel makes one eager for more."

Chicago Sun Times

"Well written...inspired...a breezy, terrific read."

Heavy Metal


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