Love In Vain cover

Published by Subterranean Press
November, 2001

Love in Vain

Love in Vain was a beautiful limited edition from Subterranean Press. I was delighted with the great job they did on the cover and the design.

Here's a review:

"Raw emotion, exquisite story construction, an ability to defy categorization by using whatever 'genre' suits his artistic needs are the hallmarks that cause Shiner's latest collection to...shine. Much like T.C. Boyle in his short work, Shiner invokes a wry magic in exploring human frailty and strengths. Moving assuredly through all time zones, he taps into a rich vein. Highlights include 'White City,' a historical fantasy in which a fanatical Tesla banishes night from the world; 'Gold,' another historical conceit about Lafitte's buried treasure on Galveston Island; 'Match,' a brilliant examination of father/son conflict; 'Sticks' and the title story, both of which analyze the pain of mistaking sex for love, also echoed by two short shorts, 'My Girlfriend's Dog' and 'Language.' Also notable is a new story, a fable for adults and children, 'The Tale of Mark the Bunny,' whose plea, 'Give what you can. Take what you need,' certainly hits home. The other stories, equally entertaining, never miss a beat in this harmonious gathering, hitting every dark and light note needed. Never before collected in one volume, these stories show why Shiner, a World Fantasy Award winner and author of the outstanding novels Say Goodbye and Glimpses, as well as editor of the pacifist anthology When the Music's Over, has become a virtuoso word musician."

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The collection includes the following stories:


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