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Published by ReQuest Audiobooks
May, 2006

Missing Persons

I just discovered (in March 2007) that this was out, and apparently has been out for a while. It contains three favorites of my own stories:

  • "Lizard Men of Los Angeles" read by David Birney
  • "Prodigal Son" read by Rex Linn
  • "Perfidia" read by Stefan Rudnicki

I can't tell you what a joy it is to have somebody adapt your work with the care and love that Stefan Rudnicki put into this set. (Stefan also produced the Say Goodbye audiobook for Dove Audio.) All three readers were perfect for the material, though I have to say I especially loved David Birney's reading of "Lizard Men." He totally got the Lovecraft/R.E. Howard aesthetic I was trying for. Rex Linn's Texas accent was not how I had originally pictured my PI Dan Sloane, but once I heard it, it seemed just right. And Stefan's beautiful barritone graces "Perfidia" with vivid characterizations in a host of languages and accents. They made these stories seem fresh and exciting, even to me.

You can order this three disc set from Note that "Perfidia" actually starts at the end of disc 2, despite the misleading label.

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