Slam cover

Published by Doubleday, July 1990
Reprinted by Bantam Books, November 1991
Reprinted by St. Martin's Griffin, March 2001
Reprinted by Subterranean, May 2011


Definitive edition trade paperback and ebook available from:

Or you can order the paperback from your local independent bookstore.

Here's a preview of the opening.

The complete novel is available as a free PDF download on the Fiction Liberation Front site.

Quotes and Reviews

"A beautifully understated comic nightmare about an ex-con's misbegotten attempts to tread the straight and narrow outside the slammer...After a series of plot twists worthy of Thomas Pynchon or Joe Orton...Shiner does manage a happy ending as magically unexpected as pulling 23 cats out of a hat."

Kirkus Reviews

"An unqualified delight."

Publishers Weekly

"Slam is a New Age farce with a libertarian moral. It takes a laid-back squint at reality and then slips into an alternate groove all its own."

—Amanda Heller, Boston Globe

"Slam is must reading—an anthem—for IRS parolees who skate. For the rest of us it's just a quirky joy of a novel, one that happens to be thought provoking."

—Bert Woodall, Houston Chronicle


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